Rivian Stock Finally Fell, for the First Time Since Its IPO

Rivian Stock Finally Fell, for the First Time Since Its IPO

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The R1T, the new all-electric pickup truck by Rivian.

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Rivian Automotive

stock has soared since its initial public offering, and it’s hard to call it anything but a smashing success. The stock, however, finally ended in negative territory Wednesday.

Rivian (ticker: RIVN) stock had risen for five consecutive days following the pricing of its initial public offering of stock, until Wednesday. That’s unusual. Dow Jones Market Data found just seven other instances of billion dollar U.S. IPOs that posted similar winning streaks over the past five years. There are more than 200 IPOs in that data set.

But Rivian couldn’t keep the streak going Wednesday. Shares fell 15.1%, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.3% and 0.6%, respectively.

Still, Rivian looks unique among its IPO winning-streak peers. While there are seven others, Rivian’s is the largest IPO of the bunch—by far.

The other seven, in chronological order, are the 2018 IPOs of AXA Equitable, now just


(EQH) and


(GSKY); the 2019 IPOs of


(PINS) and


(AVTR); the 2020 IPOs of

ZoomInfo Technologies

(ZI) and

Pershing Square Tontine Holdings

(PSTH); as well as the 2021 IPO of

Shoals Technologies


Those seven stocks rose for at least five consecutive days following the IPO. The average gain during the winning streaks was 54%.

A couple have had longer winning streaks. Pinterest rose for seven consecutive trading sessions after its IPO, for an 80% gain. Pershing rose for six consecutive trading sessions, to rise 7%.

Rivian’s five-day streak beats those two gains, though, with a blistering 121% rise.

ZoomInfo’s gain beats Rivian’s five-day gain. That stock rose 140% over five days. But ZoomInfo’s market capitalization hit roughly $20 billion after its run. Rivian’s market cap hit about $170 billion.

What’s more, ZoomInfo raised about $1.1 billion. Rivian raised almost $14 billion. The other seven, including ZoomInfo, raised $2.4 billion, on average, in their IPO processes.

Four of the seven IPOs, besides Rivian, are up from their peak winning streak prices. The average gain from there is about 30%. Avantor stock has performed the best, gaining another 127%. GreenSky has performed the worst, down about 54% from its post-IPO winning-streak peak.

Still, no matter how investors slice the data, the Rivian IPO is amazing. The Rivian IPO also means electric vehicles are hot right now on Wall Street.

Coming into Wednesday trading, the total market capitalization of EV makers was about $1.6 trillion.


(TSLA) is the largest EV firm with a market cap of about $1 trillion. Rivian is second. The total market cap of traditional auto makers is about $1.5 trillion.

There are about 14 million battery electric cars on global roads. That’s roughly 1% of the 1.4 billion cars on global roads.

The number of EVs compared with EV valuation makes value investors, frankly, a little crazy. The valuation per car is enormous. That stat doesn’t vex growth investors though. There is a long way for EVs to go to penetrate the fleet of global vehicles.

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